Jenga Math, Robotics, and the List of Editions

I was not the first to describe Jenga as a NIM like game. Fellow Israeli Uri Zwick also describes Jenga this way in his paper analyzing the mathematics of the game [PDF] and how to win it.

Jason Ziglar analyzes the mechanics of the game [PDF], namely each of the various possible ways of extracting the blocks.

A bunch of guys built a mobile robot that plays the game, described in a research paper.

Tsuneo Yoshikawa and others also tackle the robotic challenge with a robot that has multi-articulated fingers [PDF].

Meanwhile, Matthew South write an 82 page Master's thesis [PDF] on how to simulate the physics of Jenga real-time on the computer.

Official editions of Jenga? 44 so far (not counting Jenga-branded other games and items).

  1. Standard
  2. Blast
  3. Book Lovers
  4. Boston Red Sox
  5. Chicago Bears
  6. Chicago Cubs
  7. Chicago White Sox
  8. Coca-Cola
  9. Dallas Cowboys
  10. Detroit Tigers
  11. Donkey Kong
  12. Extreme
  13. Girl Talk
  14. Halloween
  15. Harley-Davidson
  16. Hello Kitty
  17. Holiday
  18. Jacks
  19. John Deere
  20. Kit Kat
  21. Las Vegas Casino
  22. Love
  23. Mark II
  24. New England Patriots
  25. New York Yankees
  26. Nightmare Before Christmas, The
  27. Oakland Riaders
  28. Ohio State University
  29. Onyx
  30. Party
  31. Philadelphia Eagles
  32. Philadelphia Phillies
  33. Pittsburgh Steelers
  34. Scrooge McDuck
  35. Spider Man
  36. Tarzan
  37. Throw 'n Go
  38. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  39. Truth or Dare
  40. Ultimate
  41. University of Michigan
  42. University of Texas
  43. Winnie-the-Pooh
  44. XXL

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